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Geraldine (Ger) is the Founder and CEO of Wild Woman. She was born with an entrepreneurial spirit, her wild roots grounded in Cumberland House, Saskatchewan. She is an author, speaker, movement coach, performer, and stylist. Her vision is to empower and inspire the world by sharing her passion, style and gifts through her business through providing various services. Her wanderlust spirit and her life not only provided her with many opportunities but has the capacity to reached and touch women from around the world by awaking the Wild Woman within.  


She possess’ a natural ability to perform through song and dance. Her leading light was showcased at the Alberta Aboriginal Role Model Awards Gala and at The Nomadic Creative Project through Parks Canada. With an online presence featuring her style, fashion and written and multi- media platforms she shares content discussing indigenous world views, matriarchy, intuition and spirituality. Ger utilizes energy work and knowledge from the sea of indigenous teachings in her work. She also will be releasing her debut LP album Ger Carriere in 2019.  Ger’s unique skill sets stems from working in Human Resources, with a specialization in Learning and Development. As well as studying in Sociology, Psychology, Social Work and Entrepreneurship.

Geraldines's pursuit to help women is seen throughout her work in the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women and the Aboriginal Women's Professional Association developing and delivering the essential skills programming for inner city women's and their families. 

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