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Kelly Caballero

E n t r p r e n e u r I S t y l i s t I C r e a t o r

"What can I say about Wild Woman that hasn't been said? It is a past forward, motivational testimony of being. I was inspired to the core, emotionally moved and motivated to learn and be my true self. Ger has completely set the bar high for women's confidence. Wild Woman is flawless and is sure to set any woman's soul on fire. I have been through so much in life, When I met Ger, it was at a time of bettering myself and reading Wild Woman couldn't have come at a better time. The words hit true to my heart and soul. I felt understood and for the first time in a long time, I felt confident in who I was now becoming.  It was nice to feel that I wasn't alone in this world. It was nice to have a push of confidence and positive rebellion. Every word was perfectly written for women of all ages and backgrounds. Wild women is to inspire us all to be free. To be ourselves and most importantly, to never lose sight of either of those. Well done Ger!”

Lisa Raven

E x e c u t i v e D i r e c t o r I C o m m u n i t y A d o v a c a t e

“It was as if I was taking a personal inventory of my own journey, where I came from and where I am today.  In some respects, I could embrace the incredible-ness of how deep I have gone and discovered about myself and my own particular path.   I was reminded of the many teachers that have come into my life throughout the years, and even though many of them are no longer present, what they taught me in both the good and bad events are priceless, that they were put in my space, so I could create myself as creator intended, learn the lessons I was meant to, and knowing that, I was filled with gratitude.   If I was to think of my life as a soup, it would not be the unique blend it has become without ALL the experiences of my life. And even if sometimes I was to wish that a particular "ingredient" wasn't added, it would not be the same. Nor would I. I was called to embrace the wildness of my journey and appreciate the unique gifts that I have uncovered about myself.  I think sometimes we are drawn, either by outside forces or the voice within ourselves to hide that part away, and "conform" -be like everyone else. To talk about our life experiences as complaints or something to overcome, as opposed to succumbing to the idea that there are greater forces at work, and we always have a choice about our conversation and what we take away from each experience.”

Matreaca Munro

 S t u d e n t I A d v o c a t e I P h i l a n t h r o p i s t

“I was given the opportunity to read Ger’s chapter, Wild Woman after confiding in and reaching out specifically to her about my current struggles. She was someone I intuitively knew to turn to in the midst of my crisis, because I believed she too had been where I was at, on my way to becoming the woman I aspired to be. After generously opening-up to me about her own fight on the path to self-love, Ger shared with me her chapter. Although, the circumstances of our lives differed-as I read her words, I connected to her story as if it were my own. Tears rolled down my cheeks, not because I felt sadness but because I felt as if I had finally been understood. Wild Woman is a beautiful reminder in the beauty of the struggle, and Ger is the ultimate example of how living your life as your most authentic self -being your own “Wild Woman”- can be the greatest adventure and privilege of our lives."

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