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The Wild Woman Personal & Professional Development Program offers groups sessions within a classroom setting or through virtual facilitation through 6 sessions.   Participants will be provided with an opportunity to awaken their female warrior spirit by connecting to their culture through oral teachings that create and focus on results. Participants will take the step into their leadership roles and leave the program confident with a fearless focus - it’s about being your own kind of wild.


Participants will leave the program equipped with the leadership skills and confidence to move to the next level of her personal healing and professional career journey. The key objectives of the program are to:

  • identify and develop self-awareness;

  • explore different strategies for finding their voice; and

  • discover their female warrior spirit by reclaiming their roles and identifying their strengths as a woman to name a few.


Option to book an individual presentation. Some of the extra presentations include:

  • role of the Indigenous  men as fathers, husbands, and warriors;

  • language and cultural teaching styles & motivators; and

  • medicine wheel teachings;

  • making business connections, recruitment & retentions to name a few.

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