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Her sound is like "Sheryl Crow & Natalie Maines- esque. The allure is there and it is very sexy. Warm yet brazen, sexy with hints of seductiveness like a summer morning’s light peeking through the leaves but has yet to declare itself." She is fearless with the wisdom of someone three times her age. Her lyrics emerge like molten lava from timeless granite: ruthless, creative, restless and deep. She is an untapped resource, a whisper in the wind, one that tantalizes your taste buds, takes you to ecstasy, then jolts you back into this harsh reality.


“Finding your voice is one challenge but using it can be one of the hardest things to do. I used mine today, though I trembled the entire time, I am proud of myself that I did what I needed to. Now that it's out there, all there is left to do is have faith. Faith that it will work out as it should. And it will...” She’s a bit of old and new all mixed together, over the top and bland at once. Hungry. Describing herself as “a sheep in wolfs clothing” she knows her music is both everything and nothing all at once.“


I have 60 different personalities, I'm never the same person twice.” With my music, “I want to reach the deepest sides of people, their core. I want to whisper into the softest sides of their souls,” she says. Making her show revelatory is her priority, she says, " I want to touch each audience member as I have been touched at the best concerts, where I evolved as a person, left enchanted and enhanced" It has been said that her voice always seems to be held back, as if she’s holding some back, keeping it for herself, which leaves you always wanting more.


It’s strong and from the heart - her own sound. "Ger has a vocal that's soft, easy and relaxed listening, like you never heard before...If I had to say she sounded like an artist, I'd say, Stevie Nicks, with dash of Adele- A soulful voice that's has a seductive side." "It's an original voice that is very unique..." "It takes you to place I’ve never been, somehow hot and tropical…there’s a calmness of a lake as the sun sets on the beautiful start lit night with northern lights dancing upon…” Wild Woman performed her debut at the Alberta Aboriginal Role Model Awards Gala in September 2016. She is excited to release her music debut LP Ger Carriere which will be released in 2019.  

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